Hard Core 3x10ml

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Availability: In stock


Does exactly what the name implies, a hardcore room aroma for a long lasting time, you know the score!


Hard Core Aroma comes in a in a 10ml bottle. This is one of the stronger aromas on the gay sex toys market as it contains more potent and active ingredients so it lasts longer and packs a bigger punch!

The guys behind Hard Core Room Aroma claim it can enhance your sex life! Simply, open the bottle and allow the aroma to form. Aromas (room odourisers) are the perfect companion to a film and a wank, whilst using your favourite gay sex toy or during anal intercourse.  The aromas experience can be pleasurable and greatly enhance sexual pleasure.

This aroma measures 10ml, contains isopropyl nitrite and comes in a bright yellow colour bottle with new improved safety cap.