Bears Own 25ml

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Bear’s Own is a brand new extra strong aroma for all of the bears and daddies out there! Use this to intensify a session with your cubs and fellow bears to get a smooth rush that will keep you going all night! For those who want to attract that big, strong beast with a scent that is as ferocious as they are. Bears Own Whos Ya Daddy Strong Aroma is the bait that you need.

This tightly packaged scent is highly potent and easily detectable. So if you’re in stealth mode, pop this bad boy open, place it in the corner and let magic happen.

Sometimes we need a little more to go with our natural charm. Bears Own Aroma has the relaxing and stimulating effects that can lure your sexy beast right where you want them. It can also possess you to with the courage to make that move and make it memorable.

This large 25ml bottle contains a high grade of Isopropyl Nitrate.

After you see the results you’ll get from one bottle, Bears Own will become your instant favorite. All you need is one bottle to turn any room into your own seductive domain. And, there wont even be any negative effects once the night is over. So, stock up now and let this aroma be your new bear trap!

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