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Berlin XXX: Hardcore Poppers with a Hardcore Effect

Brace yourself for any party with a bottle of Berlin XXX super-strong poppers. Designed to help maximise sensual pleasures, Berlin XXX is a brand built on years of experience in getting it ‘just right’. One of the best-known brands in the industry, berlin poppers are refined, discreet, and get right to the source of pleasure.

With a pleasant scent and a vivifying rush of energy-boosting goodness, Berlin XXX poppers are sure to relax you, making any situation that little bit more comfortable. Excellent for parties and nights in alike, the Berlin XXX room odouriser will make any room more pleasurable to sit in. Used correctly, poppers can perk up parties, produce copious amounts of conversation, and generally turn up the level of fun. Berlin XXX poppers have been doing just that on the club scene since back I the nineties. And we have the best berlin xxx hardcore room aromas for you to buy online, from the UK, right now.

Pick a single pack of Berlin XXX to try them out, or have fun combining and collecting other brands. When it comes to poppers, you can never have too many different types. Order your poppers today, and get your own party started!

Shipping & Delivery

We will send your Berlin XXX poppers via Royal Mail second class post ( free for orders over £15 ). If you wish to receive them overnight then you can pay a small charge to have this done, providing that you order by 3 pm.
Product Information and Safety Warnings

Berlin XXX poppers leave us in the best condition possible. If your bottle arrives and the seal is broken, please contact us for a replacement. Store your poppers in a cool, dark, and dry place. A fridge is a good idea but do keep them away from strong smells and out of the reach of children’s hands.

Use Berlins XXX hardcore as described, by placing it in the centre of a well-ventilated room, larger than 5m2. Open the bottle and allow the scent to emanate. Do not inhale directly. If you are subject to any negative side effects, then simply replace the lid and stop using the product. Berlin XXX is a room odourizer and we cannot be held responsible if you do not use them in the manner described.

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