Liquid Gold Poppers 10ml

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Liquid Gold Room Odouriser are the world’s most famous and popular room aroma, we at poppers express believe in bringing you the biggest names at the best prices and our Liquid Gold Poppers is still our best seller and considered to be the number one room odouriser.

Liquid Gold Poopers is probably the most famous of all the poppers and has been available to buy in the UK for over 25 years now, its popularity has been down to its effectiveness at promoting sexual intensity and consistently safe and high-quality ingredients. Our liquid gold aromas come packaged in a 10ml leakproof and childproof bottle.

Consistently the most popular Room Odouriser available anywhere in the world, its name is infamous within the community, previously referred to as poppers. Remove childproof cap and allow to stand, aroma will develop. Don’t inhale contents directly from the bottle.

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